We had to put our girl Roxy to sleep today, because it was the kindest thing we could do, we wern't ready but it wasnt about us at the end of the day! and I miss her already!


She came into our lives as a small and frightened pup. We saw her at the shelter and straight away we knew she was coming home. The lady seemed delighted to tell us that she was a bully and bossed all the other puppies around. 

We didnt listen to any of that we had had a few big dogs and loved Rottwielers so we were excited to bring her home and start the journey and oh what a journey it was!

She was quite a girl! a real rascal and she tried our patience to the limit. Almost from day 1 she assumed the position of protector of the keep and stationed herself at our front gate where she would bark and terrorise the neighborhood as they dared to pass our house.

Roxy artwork

We employed a dog behavioural lady who came into the house and announced that there was a leadership issue and looked straight at me and my hubby! She was barking at the gate, terrorising the cat, chewing up everything in sight, chasing our 6 year old and nipping the back of his head and my farmer dad said "Shoot the damn dog! "

Well we couldnt bring our selves to do that so we perservered, we buried the guinea pig that she gave a heart attack too, fenced off the backyard so she couldnt strip the washing line bare and got to work on teaching her not to chase and nip Isaac.

Fast forward 11 years and she has been the most beloved family dog. She has loved and protected us with every ounce of her being and struggled on long beyond what she should have. We had two false scares in the last year where we thought this is it but she always managed to perk up on the day the vet arrived but sadly not this time. This time her sad eyes told me she was not able to carry on, she couldnt even wag her tail for me as I sat and cuddled her.

roxy at home

I am so appreciative of our vet who came home and was so gentle as he sedated her. I got to cuddle her and tell her what a good girl she was over and over as she fell asleep and then a big shot of anaestetic and within seconds she was gone.

I am so grateful for every moment with Roxy, she taught me so many life lessons and I dont regret a thing. I am sitting here today typing gulping back the tears and smiling at her quriky behavior. Remembering the time she caught a frog and was happily crunching away on it with legs sticking out her mouth, or the time she ate my daughters perscription glasses and wet suit and the many Macadamia trees we have all over the garden as she loved to eat them off the tree and bury her stash like a bone.

Micah and Roxy

I will always miss you Roxy, but having you for all these years far outweighs the sadness of today!